The Hatch Group


I am a founding member of The Hatch Group. The Hatch Group was set up with  a group of my counselling and psychotherapist colleagues.

Working right across London, Berkshire and beyond; we want to see the counselling profession flourish with excellent practitioners and ensure that our clients receive the best possible care.

​Our aim is to de-mystify counselling and psychotherapy and make it as accessible and open up the process to as many people as possible. 

We've seen many road blocks to people accessing good, reliable therapy either though prohibitive services, costs, or simply a lack of information out there for those who need it the most.

We promote diversity in everything we do, and working in this way means we ensure nobody is excluded from the most human experience, to share their struggle with another with hope of healing. 

We run an internal referral service which means that, although all client work is confidential, should the situation arise, we ensure that clients coming to us will always be offered the chance to work with the best possible therapist for their unique issue.